Modern Man


Steve focuses on a wide range of topics of interest to modern man – I particularly appreciate his point of view as a UK-based business consultant. The style section of the site is well done. Stylish in style as she also focused on grooming and etiquette. The site is well posted, making it easy for the user to focus on their specific interests. Off the Cuff is a photo consulting company that also keeps a thorough blog that I present to you.

Off the Cuff guys not only offer refreshing content, but they really retreat to every topic and offer as much detail as possible. Your unique perspective on each article adapts the theme and keeps it refreshing. Grant Harris has come a long way in the menswear and style business. I love her new site design and vibe.

She offers timeless style advice to people of color and focuses on leading readers to places where they can experience, and not just clothes.

Black Lapel Compass

Compass is a black lapel style blog that is online custom broken. You’re doing a good job. You can expect it to be black lapel stuff, but they have consistently offered style advice that works for all men, not just Black Lapel buyers.

As someone who owned a custom dress and then wrote yourself in style, I wish these guys a very successful 2014 and recommend they all check out! Ashley Weston retains the title of the only celebrity stylist on our list, and I’m thrilled to see her and Dorian has made a great update on the site. You don’t publish consistent content.

I like that Ashley Weston shows you a certain style with her photos and then describes exactly how you can achieve that look. It’s a great way to provide inspiration and a “guide” that comes with it.

Humble Man

If this were a place for men under 600 feet, Modest Man would be my site in style. Brock is a personal friend of mine and I love the wonderful resource he has created at a height of less than 68 inches.

Brock focuses strictly on the shorter man and has created some in-depth articles and ebooks to help men dress harder and more confidently! A well-written blog that focuses on classic men’s clothing for a gentleman. I especially like the “Ghe Hints” section, which gives you special advice on what kind of environment you are in.

Gentleman es Standard has a very engaged audience that is really passionate about the subject and offers its own input. Most of these are not “blogs” in a typical sense, but other types of online resources that I recommend to a stylish man. More specifically – we’ve seen steady growth this year on men’s YouTube channels, which are both engaging and informative. We felt these locations wouldn’t be perfect without mentioning a few!